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Can I pay month by month?

Currently we have yearly plans to offer on such competitive prices that we don’t split it into months. For instance there is the Webmium PRO plan for the whole year for just US$190 which includes a custom domain, all e-mail accounts you want, and we even give you back as a gift US$100 in Google AdWords credits for online campaigns to put your website on the top of Google immediately!

What happens when my website reaches the visits limits?

If you have a FREE account, your visits limit is 300 visits to your website. If you pass this amount of visits in your website what will happen is that there will be showing a banner to your visitors telling that your website was made in Webmium and also you won’t be able to publish new changes to your website until you upgrade to a Premium plan.

Why do you make this visits limit?

We consider that this is the most fair situation for both parties, on one hand you could make a website with Webmium, a platform made by a team of programmers and supported by a team of individuals that work hard on this, and you can do it for free. Once your website starts to give you results by getting visits from potential customers, the website has proven to be a good tool to attract customers and then it is time to take it to a professional level with a Premium plan, until that moment comes you are not forced to make any investment if you don’t want to.

How can I pay for these Premium plans?

You can pay either with Credit or Debit Card or you can also pay with funds from your PayPal account.

I already have a domain name, can I use it with Webmium?

Yes, if you already have a domain name that you have registered somewhere else you can still use that domain with Webmium once you get one of our Premium plans, which at the same time they include a new domain name for you to register (for example, if you have the domain: you could use this domain and on top of that you could also register and use both domains with your website).

What will happen when my Premium plan will expire?

First be sure that we will notify you enough time ahead before your plan will expire to avoid any undesired issue with your website. Never the less, in case you don’t act upon those notifications and you don’t happen to renew your Premium plan, once the plan expires your website will be downgraded to the Free version of Webmium which is limited. Anyway you can always go back to your Premium plan by making a new purchase.

How long does it take for my payment to process?

With payment with debit or credit card and PayPal the process is done immediately in a couple of seconds. In case you use other payment methods (available in other languages) like bank transfer or cash payment, then the process can take up to 7 days.

Can I switch to another plan in the future?

Yes, you can upgrade to another Premium plan at any time. Even in some cases you might be eligible to make an upgrade by just paying the difference of a smaller plan to a larger one.

I have more questions that are not in this FAQs, how can I reach you?

We are always ready to answer your questions, just drop us a line to or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

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